If you want to touch  the wall or cross the finish line with a new PB you need to improve how you move, how you think and how you feel.

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Achieving your goals isn't easy.

You know yoga is a great way to address mobility, strength and recovery, but how do you find time to do a class?

Getting to the studio...

30 minutes


10 minutes

Taking the


60 minutes

Shower and change...

30 minutes

That’s almost two hours spent on one class!

Can you afford that?

 Your time is the most valuable commodity you have - spend it wisely.

Do you want to prepare for a great training session?

Stop swinging your arms and legs in different directions. Pull out your phone and do a 15-minute class that will have you focused, activated and ready to go.

How about recovering more efficiently?

Take a little detour before getting into the hot tub. Towel off, grab your tablet and do a recovery class.

Done yoga in the past, but it wasn’t what you were looking for?

This is something you have never tried before.


Experience an Effective and Efficient Way to Improve Your Swimming on Dry Land

I have spent over half of my life coaching swimmers and multi-sport athletes. After searching for a more effective way to train on dry land I began implementing yoga into athletes programs.

The benefits I saw them experience both physically and mentally were powerful. I knew if the practices were designed specifically for swimmers we would see even better results.

That was a huge factor of why I became a yoga teacher. Now after designing swimming-specific practices for the better part of the last decade I want to share them with you.

I want these practices to be a way to not only enable you to improve your performance, but to increase your wellness and keep you in the water for many years to come.


Ensure swimming is truly a life long sport

A swimming-specific yoga practice will help you increase your strength, mobility and body awareness as well as enhance your recovery. Combine all of these elements and it will help you feel better in the water, prevent injury and keep you enjoying the sport for a very long time.

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Mel Stewart

1992 Olympic Gold Medalist


"Since retiring from competitive swimming, yoga has been my go-to workout to stay fit, and Jeff Grace has been my go-to yoga teacher and expert.

Jeff's depth of knowledge enables me to dive deeper into my practice, stay balanced and remember to leave it all on the mat."


How Does it Work?

Practice anywhere, anytime.

Unlimited access to over 100 classes ranging from 10-45 minutes (with one new class being published every week)

  1. Turn on any device; phone, tablet, laptop, desktop or Smart TV
  2. Log onto your membership page or open your app
  3. Choose a class
  4. HAVE FUN!


Perfect for Individuals

No studio, no time, no problem.

Use your computer, tablet or smart phone to take 10-45 minute yoga classes designed specifically for swimmers and multi-sport athletes. 

The practices are designed to be all levels and appropriate for masters, triathletes, open water swimmers, varsity athletes and age groupers.

Amanda Heath 

British and European Master Record Holder


Great for Teams

Do you want to deliver a quality dryland program that is swimming-specific with expert instruction? One that is cost effective? Where no facilities and equipment are needed?

Now you have one! Use any device, anywhere to deliver a swimming-specific yoga practice.

Paul Yetter

Head Coach North Baltimore Aquatic Club

2008 United States Olympic Team Coach


Raben Dommann

Canadian National Team
5 km Open Water


“Jeff is very knowledgeable in the practice of yoga and how it connects to the sport of swimming, and has helped me so much over the years.

By combining the art of yoga with the specificities of the sport of swimming, I have been able to improve my swimming specific strength and flexibility, which has allowed me to progress myself in the pool.

The way that he is able to allow me to disconnect myself from all the distractions around me, while finding a deeper connection with my body and mind, has made his class an amazing experience for me as an athlete.”

Barbara Halls

English Masters National Champion


As a masters competitive swimmer in the UK I have always known that yoga for swimmers is highly recommended, but I never seemed to be able to find the time previously to fit it in.

I am enjoying having developed a yoga practice and that is all thanks to Jeff. I am used to fast paced activities but I’m enjoying the control and concentration yoga requires.

Ben Keast

Assistant Coach High Performance Swimming Centre Vancouver


At the High Performance Centre Vancouver we recognize the benefits associated with a routine yoga practice - strengthening the body, speeding recovery, and generally increasing the mental well-being of our athletes.

Jeff has delivered these benefits through a yoga practice that specifically targets the needs of our high performance swimmers with a particular focus on breathing and mindfulness.

We have witnessed the value of Jeff’s influence on our athletes in their increased capacity to manage the stresses of training, competition, and school throughout the swim season. His services have become a staple to our weekly program.

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Richard Funk

Canadian National Team Member

Jeff has provided a wonderful complement to my training regimen as a high performance swimmer. 

Jeff's vast knowledge of essential breathing techniques and swimming-centric poses is evident from the first session we worked together; he teaches crucial relaxation and recovery elements to anyone wanting to become a more well-rounded and complete athlete.   

Nick Szucs

Masters World Championships Qualifier

As an aging competitive masters swimmer, both flexibility and core strength have become of increasing importance in my dryland training regimen. Unfortunately, like many time constrained adults, conventional "stretching" often ends up on the backburner (it's boring). Enter Jeff -  he has created a focused program to target my swimming specific needs as a sprinter and has effectively improve my mobility in the pool."

With Masters World Championships less than 6 weeks away, my body feels more "dialed" for performance and slowly but surely, my areas of chronic tightness are disappearing. I highly recommend Jeff's program for anyone trying to maximize training efficiency while keeping it interesting.

Ash Milad

Performance Coach Bellevue Swim Team

Jeff has worked with my swimmers during taper leading into this summer's championship season. His work with them helped those on taper relax and visualize, and others that were still a few weeks away from rest to stay loose and pliable while building core strength.

Jeff does a great job introducing movements that are new to the athletes as well as refining techniques of athletes that are more experienced with yoga.

The best part about having Jeff work with the swimmers is his understanding of the sport and his ability to create yoga movements that are directly transferable to movements in the pool.

Andrea Schwartz-Smith

Head Coach B-Train Swim Club

1996 Canadian Olympic Team

Masters Swimmer